1. You could hula-hoop through a Cheerio.


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  2. I've got so much fire in my belly for you right now Mole

    Dave Vaughn

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  3. Sammy Pepper, our flexible friend.

    Dave Vaughn

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  4. He's a good boy Sammy Pepper. I like him.

    Dave Vaughn

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  5. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweet and wipe the seat!

    Alex Sibley

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  6. Something smells like fish... is that you, Josie?

    Sam Pepper

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  7. Bubble, HOLD ME!

    Brian Dowling

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  8. Glory!

    Dave Vaughan

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  9. I'd swap you for Scrabble...

    Rex Newmark

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  10. Yeahhhh, Jaaaaaackie.

    Jackie Stallone

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  11. W**kers. Ooh, my Tourette's is in context.

    Pete Bennett

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  12. I'm the milkman 'cause I always deliver.

    Victor Afanefuma Ebuwa

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  13. No. Naked. Jacuzzi. Ness.

    Michelle Bass

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  14. Comprende?

    Tim Culley

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