1. You know what I mean?

    Chantelle Houghton

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  2. You know what I mean?

    Victor Afanefuma Ebuwa

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  3. Don't p**s on my back to tell me it's raining.

    John James Parton

    17 loves

  4. I don't give a rip.

    John James Parton

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  5. You must think I've fallen out of the lemon tree ...

    John James Parton

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  6. Sam Pepper

    Big Brother 11 Housemates

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  7. Shut the front door!

    Rachel Christie

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  8. I'm loving it.

    Corin Forshaw

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  9. This is Big Brother...

    Big Brother

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  10. I am feeling very venomous and angry!

    Nikki Grahame

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  11. H'obviously

    Josie Gibson

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  12. I love you, Jose.

    John James Parton

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  13. It should be illegal for you to wear a bikini, Josie.

    Sam Pepper

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  14. You wanna lolly, son?

    Dave Vaughan

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