1. Your face isn't that fat, so you don't look that hideous.

    Sam Pepper

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  2. Shut the front door!

    Rachel Christie

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  3. Play you part, play your part!

    Brian Dowling

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  4. We're all here to play parts, so play your parts well!

    Shabaz Chaudry

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  5. You know what I mean Jose?

    John James Parton

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  6. Do something for me! Do something for me, both of you!

    Alex Sibley

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  7. How can I play tic-tac-ticals? I don't even know what they are!

    Jade Goody

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  8. I don't think so, sonny Jim!

    Freddie Fisher

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  9. Bubble, HOLD ME!

    Brian Dowling

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  10. Who is she? Who is she? Who is she?! Where did you find her?

    Nikki Grahame

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  11. 'memba I told you!

    Alexandra De-Gale

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  12. You got your hand on me poo-nanny!

    Josie Gibson

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  13. Don't, Sam, you f***n' naus!

    Josie Gibson

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