You don’t turn children into responsible adults by giving them absolute freedom. You foster good character by limiting freedom, and by channeling energies into the most productive avenues. That’s what all good schools, good families, and good societies do. The Boy Scouts don’t throw a pocketknife to a kid and say, “Knock yourself out kid. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” The cultural libertarians want to do precisely that. … Western civilization in general and American culture in particular are remarkably, almost uniquely, open to and tolerant of competing views and faiths. That’s wonderful. But pluralism is not, to borrow a phrase, a suicide pact. Chesterton pointed out that when a man stops believing in God, he won’t believe in nothing, he’ll believe in anything. God isn’t necessarily the issue here. But the principle is the same. Humans, especially children, very much want to believe in things. If we don’t bother to teach – or impose – certain Western values on our own people, they will embrace values that are neither open nor tolerant. Belief in “something” just isn’t good enough.


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