The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages may be preserved through quotations.

Benjamin Disraeli

We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation.


Quotables allows language lovers to share and discover some of the funniest, wisest and most memorable things ever said.

Quotables is a constantly evolving resource: with a focus on encouraging accuracy, users can edit and add to any quote. Our belief is that given the right interaction structure, a community of quote lovers can dispel the inaccuracies common on many current quotations websites. The aim is that Quotables becomes the most authoritative online reference for quotations.

Quotables in a nutshell

Quotables encompasses four pieces of functionality:


The starting point for Quotables was wanting to create a place to remember those burn-a-hole-in-your-head brilliant quotes that light up an aspect of human existence so perfectly that you want to remember them for the rest of your life. Personally, I’ve started a list like that many times, only to lose the list. Thanks to this page on Quotables, that should never happen again.


With a combination of tags and full text search, we hope Quotables will grow into a great place to stumble across pertinent quotations.


We believe that the quotations people want to save offers an insight into the zeitgeist. Deciding which quotations are remembered helps form the first draft of history: it seems interesting, and possibly beneficial, to devolve that power widely across the community. This is a long-term goal for Quotables and will take a few more iterations before it comes close to being realised.


We hope that the structure of Quotables will allow a community of quote lovers to root out misquotations and misattributions, add useful context and improve navigation via appropriate tagging.

Comment about Quotables

If you dig the occasional mind-moving quote, as we do, Quotables seems like the right place to keep them together.

Kevin Purdy Lifehacker

“ probably the coolest way to collect quotes.” You can quote me on that.

Zee M. Kane The Next Web

It’s fun and quick, as well as being potentially useful for recording those little gems of wisdom or idiocy online.

Steve O’Hear TechCrunch Europe looks like a good idea

Graham Linehan The IT Crowd

i do really like this little site for high class online quotes backed by gang at c4

Martha Lane Fox Founder,

Channel 4's latest web project reinvents quotations for the Twitter age

Jemima Kiss The Guardian

A beauty of a service, finally providing a beautiful, slick home for the world's best quotations. It's a brilliant resource for any student of history, English language, classics, science, or PowerPoint 101.

Never again will I have to suffer inaccurate citing in keynote presentations, or dinner parties where people quaff fine wine while stealing great one-liners with the catch-all "I don't know where this comes from, but...".

Ewan McIntosh

The team

Quotables is based in Glasgow and is run by Laura Grace (@usherette), Nicola Balkind (@robotnic) and Angela Maguire (@lalamaguire). They are supported by the Mint Digital team (@mintdigital) and Channel 4 cross-platform commissioner Adam Gee (@surrealthing). Quotables is made possible thanks to the generous support of Channel 4 and the Arts Council.

For news from Quotables follow @QuotablesHQ and a regular dose of popular quotes follow @QuotablesLoves.